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A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Optimum development of the children – our mission

Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam has written in one of his books,”Future of the nation depends upon the shoulders of the young.” It is indeed an undisputed fact that the youngsters of our country can do a lot for the multidimensional growth of the country. They have in them a lot many strengths and potentialities. If these strengths and potentialities are duly ignited, chiselled and honed then they all can make a great contribution to the development of the nation. There is no doubt about this fact also that it is at the school that these strengths of the children are recognized and sharpened . It is at the school level that a child is enabled with skills, enriched with values and empowered with knowledge. It is at the school level that teachers strike a rapport with the children and enlighten them all about their hidden qualities.

Teachers encourage and enthuse the children to go an extra mile to rise to their own potential. Teachers strengthen the value system of the children so that they may not fall a prey to the distractions that are so widely pervasive in the society.

Teachers at DPWS Greater Noida are the true mentors .Their mindset is such that they are far above the commercialization that is so widespread in the modern times. They exemplify all that they expect from the children. They embody compassion and concern. These qualities of the teachers are evident in the way they prepare themselves and in the way they perform in the class.

The working mechanism of the school is such that the hidden qualities and limitations of each child are assessed and then the required work is done upon them.Each child is kept enthused and inspired and thus he performs at the optimum level and doesn’t lose his focus. The preparation of the teachers is of this kind that they make the children understand the real life relevance of every chapter. Elements of righteousness that are there in literature, history and environmental studies are implanted in the heart and soul of the children. Seeds of righteousness are sown and nurtured in the hearts of children so that they may remain firm and withstand the onslaught of distractions without ever getting defocussed .

DPWS aims at grooming the students in such a manner that they may turn out to be morally firm, intellectually alert, spiritually enlightened, emotionally stable and socially amiable. It is the youngsters of this kind who can make India what destiny wanted her to become and thus they themselves can emerge as pride of the nation.