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A Hub and Harbour of learning

“Where children learn with pleasure and that too in a large measure”


The ambience of the school plays a vital role in the education of the child. The ambience that is serene and tranquil is most suitable for education. Every student experiences a new zeal in himself if he finds the environment at the school conducive to learning. A lot of care has been taken to make sure that the building of DWPS presents proper motivation to all the young scholars who are to receive education at the school. The architecture of the school is such that one does not experience congestion anywhere. Lush green lawn just at the entrance connects children with nature and they feel energized for discharging their learning oriented activities at the school.


When children enter the school, it is through corridor that they reach the classroom. There in the corridor they experience the crux of education at each point through the educative and creative messages that are displayed on different boards. Corridors are broad and well lit.

CLASS ROOM : The Centre Of Learning

Every student spends most of the time at the school in the classroom. It is in the classroom that he develops rapport with his teacher and it is here that he develops fondness for his books. Classroom is the place where most of the child’s strengths are noticed and nurtured. Classroom, therefore, has to be the place where children feel enthused, motivated and inspired. Every classroom of DWPS is certainly a unique learning slot. Each classroom is given an inspiring title like “ success Slot”, “Persevering point”, “Victory post”, “Pool of learning”, “Corner of creativity”, “Enclave of Enthusiasm”, and “Learning Hub”,etc. Every class room has a theme that is projected through a handmade chart. There is one inspiration slot in every classroom. Spacious and well-lit classrooms create a sense of comfort in all the children.


One of our firm convictions is that child’s personality can be properly groomed if he is kept in high spirits and if he is brimming with zeal and passion. All the sports activities that are there at the school are conducted in such a manner that children have in them passion for victory, team spirit, coordination, ability to strive struggle and persevere. All these strengths can be duly developed in the children if the sports fields, courts and practice points are as per international standards. The school has lawn tennis court, volley ball court and basket ball court. There are proper grounds for foot ball and cricket. Indoor sports activities like Table Tennis, badminton and shooting are there. Duly qualified, properly enthused, well spoken and highly inspired sports experts are there to guide and groom the children.

CCTV Surveillance

Security of the children is one of our primary concern and therefore more than 60 cameras have been installed at different points in the school to ensure safety of the child'.


Art room. Here at the school children are given proper exposure of a lot many other highly educative activities. In an art room children understand the way of making different creative designs and patterns and the world of different hues and colours is experienced by the children here.


The importance of rhythm, flow, modulation and pitching is understood by the children in the music room where children learn subtle nuances of music and do the practice of playing different musical instruments.


For composing themselves and for reflecting over their strengths and limitations yoga room is there where children do different yoga exercises to discover their innate strengths.


The cultural strength of the children is developed when they have the exposure of different classical dances of India in the dance room of the school under the watchful eyes of the dance teacher.

Sports Complex of the School

Where children are made strong and nimble

DWPS aims at producing the children who are strong, supple and nimble. It is such children only as can shoulder the responsibilities of strengthening the nation.

Children can become active and agile only if they are given a lot of exposure of sports also. When children run, skid and hop in the sports field, they become active, agile and energetic. DWPS has a vast and well equipped sports complex. In this sports complex there is a basket ball court where children do the practice and learn the subtle nuances of this sport under the supervision of the expert coach of basket ball. Football ground, badminton court, kho kho court and tennis court are the other sports facilities that are available here.

Swimming pool and splash pools excite and enthuse the children to swim and develop a much needed strength. Martial art practice and roller skating sessions are the other activities that not only develop new skills and strengths in the children but also provide them a well rounded personality. School’s sports facilities keep the children in the excited and exuberant frame of mind all through the day.