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Child is the most precious asset of the parents. Parents entrust the responsibility of their most precious asset to the school. It is, therefore, important that the observations of the parents are treasured by everyone at the school. Parents of all the children have a deep concern for the way children are groomed here.

Parents have this vision that their child should be cast in the mould of a winner who thinks well, listens well, learns well, absorbs well and expresses well.

Here at the school, we, the teachers are also guided by the same vision and therefore parents are exceedingly satisfied with the way children are being guided and groomed here at the school.

Their observations about the teachers’ working and school’s ambience are:

Class Child Parents Relation Observation
VI Shaurya Rana Ms. Rachna Mother My child has shown a lot of improvement in the last six months that he has spent here at this school.
Prep Biswajit Mr.Vikash Nayak Father Child has shown remarkable improvement. We are grateful to the teachers.
Prep Venus Ms. Kamini Gawari Mother Remarkable improvement has been seen in the way my child communicates on the take away models which she brings to home.
Prep Vihaan Bhati Ms. Sumita Bhati Mother In terms of care, concern and compassion I find everything good at this school.
Prep Victoria Mr.Mukesh Father All teachers are extremely hard working and I am thankful to them.
Prep Aarav Mavi Mr.Agnivesh Mavi Father We are very happy to see the improvement in our child. Now he responds very well at home. .
I Sahibjot Mr.Gulshan Singh Father In terms of discipline and work I have seen a lot of improvement in my child.
I Yugraj Ms.Pratibha Mother In terms of conduct, behaviour and performance I find a lot of improvement in my child.
I Bhavik Ms. Nishu Tayal Mother Educationally my child is making progress and I am fully satisfied with that.
I Vidhaan Ms. Poonam Singh Mother I find the teachers are showing a lot of involvement in their work which is good for my child’s growth.
I Yahya Ms. Faria Mother I am so thankful to the continuous support and guidance of all the teachers.
I Karan Mr. Anand Father Even though my child was not so strong when he came to the school, now he is at par with others. I am thankful to the teachers.
II Bhavya Ms.Kalyani Bhagwat Mother I am satisfied with the way my child is being groomed.
II Rakshita Mr. Kuldeep Father Proper care and concern is being shown in my child’s grooming.
II Dev Raj Mr. Giri Raj Father Now my child feels absolutely comfortable in the English speaking environment of the school.
II Dev Singh Ms.Priyanka Mother My child’s growth and progress is extremely good.
II Rashi Mr. Anand Father Everything is absolutely excellent about the education of the school.
II Agastya Ms. Sangita Mother I am fully satisfied with the improvement that my child has shown at the school.
II Sabiha Mr. Nazrul Islam Father I always find my child in high spirits and this is something excellent.
II Abaan Ms. Saloni Mother I am thankful to the teachers for ensuring improvement in my child.

These observations were shared by the parents on 30th December, 2017 when last PT Meet was conducted.