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Pre-primary & Primary
Pre Primary school education is the foundation for the lifelong experience and starting point for formal education. A child's development is a gradual process .Here at DWPS, we understand and respect that each child is unique and has different abilities and interests.
The School curriculum has been designed to nurture the following developmental objectives -
Language, arts and Phonics -
To build the skill where children become independent readers, spellers and writers; children are encouraged to express themselves in a variety of audiences using the skills acquired, Children participate everyday in the classroom discussion, retelling the stories, sequencing the stories, reciting rhymes, picture reading and variety of activities.
Cognitive Development -
To develop thinking and problem solving abilities through activities, observation, analysis and discussion. -Knowledge an understanding of the world - to learn the basic technique of exploring questioning and drawing conclusion from their learning; to develop care and concern for animals, plants and environmental protection; to make the child understand and explore his immediate environment and the physical world.

Guided reading program, Guided reading program show and tell, Role-play, Drama, Songs, poetry, story-telling, writing of short stories etc. are used as tools to ensure comprehensive and cognitive learning among students.